Services provided by psychologists in private practice are not covered by MSP (Medicare). If you have an extended health plan such as Pacific Blue Cross or Sun Life, fees for psychotherapy or counselling may be partially covered. With these extended health plans there is a cap on the total dollar amount that can be claimed for psychological services per year. It is important that you check with your extended health plan in advance, so you know what coverage you have and what your costs will be before you begin treatment.

If you decide to seek counselling with me, I ask that payment be made by cheque or cash at the end of each appointment. I do not accept credit cards. You will receive a receipt, which you can then use to claim reimbursement from your extended health plan, if you have one. Aternatively, if you do not have extended health coverage, psychological services can be deducted as a medical expense on your income taxes. Consult with your tax preparer for details.