My name is Dr. Hans Beihl. I am a registered psychologist, offering psychological counseling to individuals and couples in the Surrey – Delta area of BC.

I treat a range of psychological problems, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, pain coping difficulties, low sense of self-worth, lack of assertiveness, poor anger control, unresolved childhood trauma, difficulty adjusting to major losses, and relationship difficulties.

I will work with you in a collaborative and supportive way to help you find more fulfillment in your life. I will draw on established psychological approaches to help you achieve your personal goals in feeling more positive about yourself and more satisfied with your relationships.

Feeling Good about Yourself and your Relationships

Life can be difficult for many reasons. Perhaps your coping abilities are strained to the limit. Perhaps you are still trying to come to terms with a traumatic event that turned your life upside down. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with major stresses or losses in your life. Perhaps your life often feels like a struggle due to longstanding feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence in social situations, or heightened sensitivity to criticism or rejection. Perhaps you desire to once again have a close, loving relationship with your partner, but find that the same old conflicts arise again and again, with no seeming solution.

If despite your best efforts, you have been unsuccessful in overcoming your difficulties, counselling can help you experience your situation in a fresh, new way. Psychological treatment can help you develop better coping skills, can help to improve your confidence, and assist you in finding a path to regaining a sense of well-being and satisfaction in your life.

Time for Change?

Perhaps there are things about yourself or your relationships that have kept you feeling stuck.

  • Are your relationships unsatisfying?
  • Do you feel unhappy with yourself?
  • Does little in your life give you joy or satisfaction?
  • Do you feel lonely or disconnected?
  • Do you find yourself often feeling stressed?
  • Is there too much conflict in your life?
  • Is the past still holding you down?
  • Do your emotions overpower you?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the same unfulfilling patterns?

Your world can be a brighter, happier place when you feel good about yourself and your relationships. Perhaps It is time to take your life in a new, more rewarding direction.

Dr. Hans Beihl is a registrant of the College of Psychologists of BC (#0972).